Wanted: Vintage Bicycles(Long Island City, NY)

Wanted: Vintage American bicycles like Schwinn, Columbia, Shelby, Roadmaster, Iver Johnson, Elgin, Dayton, Mead, Rollfast, Mercury, Evinrude, Monark, Silver King, Hawthorne, Firestone, to name a few. I'm also interested in anything early, such as Penny Farthings, Bone Shakers, High Wheelers, Safety bikes, pneumatics, etc., What have you got in your basement, attic, garage or shed? Any old bicycles? I also want parts, do you have an old box of parts? Old bike lights, horns, speedometers? Tires, seats, tools, literature, PHOTOGRAPHS, catalogs, anything? Give me a call at 516.567.3740 Ask for Bill.